As you well know, progressing at the same pace and planning your IT needs can be a daunting task. IT planning is a specialized IT consultant operating mainly in Istanbul. And it is a friendly professional company on the edge of the line..

• Centralized Architecture
• Uncontrolled Computer Use
• Client/Server Architecture
• IT Infrastructure Reviews
• Making Preferences Between Architectural Alternatives
• End User Computer Use Architecture
• Reconfiguring Old Systems


The aim of our IT, system analysis and design services is; is to provide our customers with a design that best supports their IT and systems, corporate objectives, tasks, strategies and processes.

In the analysis phase, we analyze the extent to which Information Technologies and the System support the corporate mission, strategy and processes. Functionality and performance, in other words, the efficiency and efficiency of IT processes, their usability, operations, maintenance, total costs and safety; are among the main issues that we consider throughout the analysis and design phases. During the design phase; network architecture, hardware, operating systems, databases, security precautions and deployment considerations also play a critical role.


IT strategy analysis and development services;It aims to help private and public sector units that are changing to adapt IT investment strategies to existing or new business strategies and objectives.


Total Quality Management has been deeply rooted as a central method for advancing the efficiency and competitive position of companies and organizations. Since it was developed in the manufacturing environment, it showed the same characteristics in administrative and service industries. In this article, we examine the potential for Total Quality Management in the IT sector.Total Quality Management has had little impact on IT sector.

The different temperaments of the industry are that the techniques are not clearly portable. We are developing some initial ideas to use Total Quality Management, which is traditionally seen as a one-time event and is not easily affected by process analysis and measurement.

In order to reduce maintenance costs, we focus on software design and explain the design idea in the case with examples. At the same time, we are talking about the role of the IT sector in the development of Total Quality Management of the company.