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Considering our technology, the importance of radio hosting is increasing day by day. When one of the biggest advertising tools of the day is presented with radio, solid infrastructure and quality service, it is able to make its listeners happy.

The quality classification of Radio Hosting can also vary according to the features. Increasing the number of listeners, eliminating the interruption and freezing problem, quality sound and other extra features can be achieved with a quality radio hosting package. The other extras are intentional means of delivering the highest quality broadcast using up to the last technology. The next generation of radio hosting allows you to broadcast in an automatic DJ method without the need for a computer. This feature is starting to acquire new space, but it seems to be able to quickly adopt and place itself on the facilities it provides. This software was developed by a Turk and can be integrated into WHM Cpanel.Those who wrote this software have developed the shoutcast trans feature and made it manageable through the panel.

If you want to be a radio broadcasting 24 hours a day, and having continuous DJing is also costly for you, it is one of the most important features for radio hosting in order to download MP3 format to your system. With the help of MP3s you can create a list and you can broadcast 24 hours without interruption and quality without DJ.