Virtualization is not all but a part of Cloud Computing. Load balancing and fault tolerance are other aspects of cloud computing. Netcen Teknoloji, with Cloud Computing, it provides hardware independence by keeping the operating system on more than one physical server, not just one physical server.Even if one of the servers fails in this state, the operating system on the server will continue to operate on the other servers.


Netcen Teknoloji; can serve you , with dedicated server only on special server for you.

Our company stocks the highest quality brand name servers. Our customers can make their choice as Windows or Linux operating system. We make world brands such as DELL, HP and FUJITSU together with Expert Engineers by configuring them according to the desires of our customers.

Requested servers (stock internal 4 hours, stock external 72 hours) are ready as soon as possible. All our dedicated server products; you can customize your servers with additional hardware, software and service options.


Netcen Teknoloji; enables your servers to access network equipment 24/7 seamlessly and quickly internally. Within our data center services; physical security, electrical requirements, cabinet, network equipment and support services. You can activate your server hosting within the same day of your order.


Basic SLA

Netcen's Basic SLA agreement does not include any additional fees to keep your data connected at night and day, at weekends and on holidays.

• 24/7 support by highly trained and certified engineers

• Hardware checks, including RAM, Processor and Hard Drives

• Change of damaged equipment

• Including the operating system, turn the equipment back to the originally supplied setup

• Root password reset and Boot Loader repair

• Correction of network heap problems to fix connectivity.

Basic SLA

As a Adveyer customer, you can expect a high level of service within your IT infrastructure. While Basic SLA meets most customer needs, we offer extended SLA agreements with users who want to be more comfortable.

An upgraded SLA; faster response times, our certified engineers offer reduced hourly rates for priority transportation and enhanced support. This is especially valuable for companies that demand the highest performance and runtime levels for critical applications and web sites.

Advanced Support

In addition to basic support services, our support teams; day and night technical expertise and management experience to provide reliable, high-performance Hosting solutions service. Advanced Support; includes but is not limited to the following, and does not include our standard free support.

• Server maintenance and troubleshooting

• Software Configuration

• Performance Tuning