Netcen provides premium services to its customers, focusing on their needs and demands.

At Netcen Technology, we understand that maintaining a full-time information technology department is not practical for the majority of companies. With our customized services, you can control your IT expenses; you can reduce the amount of documentation. You can always contact our highly qualified specialist team to help you with problems with your PCs, your networks, your security, your remote access, your communications and video systems, and your problems. Whenever you need temporary IT staffing, regular scheduled support, service contract management, or full-time system engineer, we can make a program that fits your business and your budget exactly.

Our Quality Standards

Our quality standards, the internal and external evaluation model are based on central development planning principles for good practice.

Engineering Support

Engineering support is one of the main tasks of our production.

During the engineering support phase of a program, Netcen is responsible for ensuring that the technical integrity of an IT system and its objectives are maintained within the technical performance limits, including cost and plan limits for all programs and project activities. Netcen's hardware and software support engineers help and support system / subsystem development activities, installation / integration activities, ongoing activities and ongoing work and maintenance activities.

Onsite Services

We are not alone in providing consultancy services to our customers. At the same time, during the implementation of the project to minimize the problems to check the project stages on-site.

This allows us to initially control the quality of the application and the quality of the business. This keeps the cost to a minimum because it does not have the above mentioned positions.


Netcen has always been forward-looking. Netcen's dream is to create a different type of IT Outsourcing company. Netcen is based on the idea that IT is only acted on the assumption that it has a significant business advantage. The main principle of Netcen Technology is that technology investments must be made only for one of the following three reasons:

Trim Your Active Sails:Technology should make business activities simpler and more effective and reduce the dispute of serving customers and bringing products to market.

Get an Advantage Based on Competition: IT initiatives should have the advantage of fulfilling extra market penetration in order for a company to produce high goods and services..

Mitigation of Business Risk :The only other reason for a company to invest in technology is; regulatory compliance, security and disaster recovery in areas such as providing safe and stable business activities.

We believe that IT support services must be easy, flexible and effortless to solve business challenges. The benefits of outsourcing information systems must outweigh the usual difficulties of keeping technology in place of work.

Project Consultation

In our service area, we develop projects tailored to our clients' needs and requests. We also manage all phases of these projects from A to Z and present them to our customers in ready-to-use stages..

Let us guide you through our experience in helping you to realize your dreams. Our team of highly qualified personnel will provide expert advice in every aspect of the project..

Our ambition to always maintain the highest quality standards,it was the main reason for our detailed analysis and remarkable solutions. With our team of specialists in mind, many companies have benefited from our consulting services up to now.

Remote Monitoring

Business continuity is a critical goal for any IT system. Unfortunately, problems often cause damage to the traumatic consequences.Remote monitoring services program from Netcen provides remote monitoring services and analysis of critical network components such as firewalls, servers, routers, web and backup devices. Bu destek, ciddi problemlere götürmeden önce This support allows for prior estimation and diagnosis of the issues before taking them to serious problems. Leave your peace of mind with the intelligent IT system and the Netcen specialists with the most valuable rewards.